melindaMelinda Day-Harper, T-Zone’s founder and CEO, is an experienced businesswoman, professional speaker and trainer. Her delivery methods are acclaimed as being informative, knowledgeable, personal and, well, just fun! Melinda can speak to any audience level from individuals wishing to attain personal prosperity, to major corporations striving to help their employees achieve financial success.

The presentation environments in which Melinda speaks include major conferences, association meetings, group functions, business retreats, and industry/product specific gatherings.

Besides having a repertoire of topics that are quite diverse, Melinda can customize any keynote presentation to meet a client’s need. She also offers many established topics (that can be given on short-notice) including the following:

  • Feng Shui Finance: Attracting Prosperity
  • Credit Scores: Your Blueprint for a Great Credit Rating
  • The Break Boundaries Series: Clean Up, Order Up, Act Up, and Power Up!
  • The Top 5 Struggles with Money and the Solutions

Contact us now to discuss your organization’s needs and reserve Melinda’s time to make your next event unforgettable!

For press inquiries or to check Melinda’s availability for your 2013-2015 conference or event, contact Info@TZoneConsulting.com.

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Customers Testimonials

Thank you for your workshop today. Many of the things you mentioned I am already doing in one form or another, but you gave me lots of ideas to refine and improve my system. I love the affirmation you gave: I have everything I need to be prosperous today! I’ve been saying it all afternoon and feel much better already. It’s helping me to be in that place where I can love today.
Katy DeBra