Silver Linings

“The Recipe for deliberate creation has 10 parts: 5 parts of appreciating what is; 2 parts of imagining a little better than what is; 2 parts of looking for things that would make you feel better; 1 part of quieting your mind, relaxing and not trying so hard, being at ease at it” ~Abraham-Hicks Rye

Thanks to my friend Tom Murasso for bringing this quote to my attention on FB. Are you tired of worrying about the state of the economy, our health care system, disarray in the financial markets, finances in general? I heard a wise woman say yesterday to quit watching the news! The Law of Attraction says we will attract more of what we spend our time thinking about – Yikes! I vow to spend the weekend being grateful for an 88% employment rate, that finally our health care system may be improved, and for my wonderful job, home, family & friends! How about you?

Many Blessings & Much Prosperity,