Personal Strategies

T-Zone’s goal is to help individuals and businesses achieve greater prosperity and clarity by teaching them to Break through Boundaries that are limiting their success.

about What sets us apart from the crowd is offering unique ways to achieve greater business and personal prosperity through basic financial and life principles that are often overlooked or not even considered. We have found that in order for you to reach your dreams, there are five basic concepts to master:

  • Creating more physical, mental and emotional Space for what you really want in your life
  • Gaining the clarity and focus necessary to formulate your life design
  • Living intentionally by following your Purpose and Passion
  • Expecting Prosperity through an understanding of the Law of Attraction
  • Taking the specific actions that will get you there!

Our comprehensive seminars, workshops and products show you how to put these fundamental ideas into place to start on the road to greater success.

Below is a quick reference chart showing our most requested classes and the applicable formats:

  Business Personal Teleclass Presentations
One on One Strategic Coaching/Planning    
Feng Shui Finance    
Credit Scores: Insider Secrets    
Overcoming Overwhelm    
Designing Your Life:
Find Your Purpose, Live Your Passion

Are you ready to take charge of your life and finances? Send us your request TODAY and let us help you start achieving greater success!

Customers Testimonials

I had the pleasure of being a participant in a training class Melinda gave regarding financial prosperity. It was filled with so much knowledge and insight that I wished this class had been given to me when I was a teenager. I’d now be rich, relaxing on a beach, and living my dream life. Melinda’s ability to take something that is very complex and put it into simple terms is exceptional. Plus, the personal manner in which she interjects her own stories is entertaining. And don’t think Melinda is just about finances: she offers for more than that!
Cindy Brock Professional Technical & Creative Writer